Who we are


Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch is a community driven Neighbourhood Watch, and is registered with the local Community Police Forum (CPF) and the Department of Community Safety (DoCS) of the Western Cape, and is fully accredited since September 2018.

Membership is free and it is a non-sexist and non-political organisation. Membership is subject to SAPS clearance, which nowadays includes the taking of fingerprints in order to establish any existing or prior criminal record when applying for membership. Each member is issued with an identity card to be worn by the member when patrolling or when on official duty.

Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch operates in conjunction with the Kuils River SAPS and local Armed Response Companies. The main objective of a Neighbourhood Watch is to act as additional eyes and ears for the SAPS and to report suspicious activities. As a Neighbourhood Watch we also provide support in medical, accidents, fire and other emergency situation.

ASCW Mission

Our mission is to support and enable individuals and communities to be connected, active and safe, which increases wellbeing and minimises crime.
To voluntarily work together as a caring and involved community in prevention of crime in Kuilsrivier for the well-being of our residents through ongoing patrolling and other safety initiatives, in partnership with the South Africa Police Services, Peace Officers, Security Firms and Neighbourhood community based safety actions.
To be a vibrant, inclusive and effective organisation that improves the safety and security of community life.
We do this by supporting our members and partners in promoting crime prevention, resilient communities and social inclusion.

ASCW Vision

Our vision is a community where neighbours come together to create safer, stronger and more active communities.
To be Connected, informed and empowered communities in which people feel safe and secure.
To be an active role player initiated by the community to keep Kuils River a safe neighbourhood to live in.
To be the number one neighbourhood watch in creating long-term value, through excellence and passion for people and the neighbourhood watch structure, and to be an effective communication platform to our partners, counsellors and other Peace Officers.