ASCW Services

Crime Prevention

We have active members who patrol the entire footprint of ASCW on a regular basis, being the eyes and ears for SAPS. Being on the road plays a huge part in crime prevention in our area.

Incident Support

The active members of ASCW provides direct support on reported incidents, giving advice where needed and connect residents with the correct departments and supported services offered by SAPS, City of Cape Town and Armed Response companies.


ASCW offers free trauma counselling to people affected by crime and will connect affected people with professional (paid) councillors after the initial counselling session.

Emergency alerts

ASCW offers various WhatsApp groups (area bound) to everyone residing in our footprint. These alert groups are there for your safety, to report any criminal incidents or suspicious behaviour. These groups are monitored by ASCW, SAPS and various Armed Response companies. Click here for more info.

Link Android App

The Link android app (provided by Vodacom) offers a powerful service where you can register under City of Cape Town for ASCW footprint and report basic service incidents to the City of Cape Town, such as street lights not working, potholes, etc. You can also request to join ASCW through Link by searching for us within the app. This is a very handy app! Click here to download the app!