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We offer various alert groups, divided into specific areas within our footprint. The purpose of these groups is to help you, the community, communicate any emergency to those within the group. We also have the majority of Armed Response companies and SAPS monitoring all activity, therefore making it easy to respond to a call for help. Should you wish to join these groups, please read the following rules and then choose the group you wish to join. By joining the group, you achnoledge that you have read, understand and accept our rules.

General Rules of all ASCW Alert Groups

You can only send messages when SAPS, Law Enforcement, ARs, NHW or Medical assistance is required. Missing persons and pets are allowed. No politics, religion, advertising, swearing and any form of chatting allowed unless, it can add value to an alert. No season greetings, chain messages etc. Please don’t spam the group with unnecessary chit chat and emoticons, especially if its not a update or Emergency. Also, we will give feedback if necessary, but not every time, therefor, if you want feedback, send it as a private message to an admin. If you want a member to be added, send a private message to admin with the name, address and cell phone nr. of the person you wish to add. The reason why we do not allow chatting or invalid comments on our ASCW Alert groups is as follows: We have 9 area groups in the ASCW footprint, monitored 24/7 by the DCI radio control room as well as the Bassett Control room and a number of ASCW members and SAPS. Each message you sent pops up on the control room computer as a emergency alert and therefore makes it difficult for the operator while monitoring hundreds of radio calls at the same time. The control room offers this service to all northern suburbs NHW areas, therefore their system can be flooded quite easily. We would like to keep this free service for our own safety and not lose it due to bad discipline. We therefore ask all members to respect this arrangement by only posting Alerts and value added comments. No nice to know questions or comments or 👍👊🙏 please. This service is free of change, so please respect our rules; it is a service to the community, by the community, for your safety. Our Armed response backup do not ask who your alarm service provider is, they react when called. Any members that doesn’t stick to the rules, will be removed.

Only join the WhatsApp group which falls under the area you stay in!

Click on the provided link next to the group you wish to join. Should this link, for whatever reason, not work, please click here to contact us, and provide us with your name, surname, cellphone number and address, and we will add you to the group.

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