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Help us make a difference in the community

Why join?

Being part of ASCW helps us fight crime in our footprint. The more people we have, the more can be achieved and the safer our community will be. By being part of the ASCW not only helps us helping others, but also your OWN family and property. Together we are stronger – Together we can achieve more. Join today!

Cost of joining

Joining ASCW will not cost you anything, unless you choose to donate towards our crime fighting efforts. When joining, some protective gear is needed to help you keep yourself safe, and depending our our available funds, you might need to purchase some of these goods out of your own pocket.


Joining ASCW, as with all Neighbourhood Watches, is on a voluntary basis, therefore you will not be receiving any kind of monetary compensation. We do however, depending on available funds, offer incentives, such as fuel vouchers. Helping us keep everyone safe, which includes you, your family and home, is in fact a form of compensation!

Who can join

Anyone staying within the ASCW footprint may join. If you do not stay in our footprint, please do not apply! Click here for a map of the areas we cover. You cannot have a criminal record, so if you do have one, please do not apply. Furthermore, you need to be 18 years of age and must have a valid drivers license, unless you want to become a Buddy Member, driving with others when on patrol. For a full list of requirements and rules, please read all the documents provided on this page.

How do I join and the application process

If you would like to join, which we hope you do, the first step would be to download all the documents below, read through them, complete and sign all pages/documents and then come back to this page to submit your application (application section at the bottom of this page). When we receive your documents, we will provide you with the info regarding the rest of the process.

Nobody likes admin, right? But please understand that for our and your protection, the application process must be followed and all forms be completed. We hope you understand. Soon you will be part of ASCW, fighting crime and making a difference within our community. We look forward to having you on our team!


Please click here to download all required documents. This will open a zip file, which you need to open. Inside the zip folder, please save/drag and drop all documents on your PC. Read through all documents, complete the sections as requested, sign each page, scan the documents and come back here to submit them for review. You may also e-mail all completed and signed documents to If you have any questions, click here.

Please do not continue if you have not read the above information on this page!