Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch

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Amandel & Surrounds Crime Watch (ASCW) held its annual AGM on Thursday 5 March 2020.

The following members were elected to serve as the Executive Committee for the 2020/1 period.

They are (from left to right):  Franz Krause: Sectretary; Elizma Cockcroft: Treasurer / Events; Malcolm Liberty: co-opted for Events; Johan Badenhorst: Chair; Rodger Barends; Vice-chair; and Jo Du Toit; Patrolcaptain.

The newly elected Chairperson:

Johan Badenhorst

A Message from the current ASCW Chair to the outgoing Chair and his new Executive team.

Also during the AGM, members had the opportunity to "boast" and show off their recently acquired safety jackets. These jackets were partly sponsored by ASCW and partly paid by the members themselves.

The Jackets, made by Liquid Bullet, were an in-house design and therefore manufactured exclusively according to ASCW specifications.

Other NHW's are "green with envy" and we have received many compliments for the practical and smart looking jackets. Members had a choice between a high standard security jacket and a medium (light) version.

The move to invest into our member's safety-infrastructure, including pepperspray, torches, dash-cams, first-aid kits and other equipment was initiated by the previous Exco Committee during their tenure.

We therefore thank all of our sponsors that have contributed so generously towards this effort.

Sergeant Maria Campion and Wouter De Vos as ejudicators during the AGM voting process

The Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch is active in the following suburbs of Kuilsriver:

Amandelrug, Amandelsig, Rouxville, Haasendal, Elim, Bosonia, Mikro Park, Klipdam and the security complexes of Deo Gracia, Rosemary Gardens and Thyme Garden.


Please take note of the following proposed changes to the ASCW foot-print

The changes are predominantly on the right hand side of the above picture, in particular the inclusion of the upper part of Neethlingshof street. The Saxdown road should be opened up early August, as the bridge is now complete and the road is tarred.

Roads are allready being laid out in the extended Rouxville / Hazendal area, on the right of Saxdown road as per the above picture. Indications are that these new extensions will be incorporated into our ASCW footprint, thereby putting more pressure onto the current few, but dedicated patrollers.

More good News...

For those members that would rather make a contribution through a donation, rather than patrolling in the area, are welcome to do so. Matter of fact, it will be highly appreciated.

Bank: FNB Zevenwacht Mall, Branch Code: 260214;  Account #: 62629958127       Account name: Amandel & Surrounds Crime Watch (ASCW).

Any information regarding our money matters, please communicate directly with our treasurer, Elizma Cockcroft at:

Nog belangrike Nuus...

Ons verwys na ons voorsitter se e-pos van 20 Julie 2019 aan alle lede met betrekking tot die akreditasie vereistes sowel as ander reëls wat volgens die Stad Kaapstad en DvGV (Departement van Gemeenskaps Veiligheid) vir buurtwagte neergelê is. Sien hieronder aangeheg (uiteindelik); ons akreditasie:

Ons aansoek vir akkreditasie vir ons buurtwag, sowel as ons lede, is goed gekeur: 

Tydens die uithandiging van die sertifikaat op 28 November 2019 staan ons "Vice-chair", Johan Badenhorst ( nou ons voorsitter) wat die sertifikaat in ontvangs geneem het.

Some Important Telephone Numbers

Radio Control

Controller DCI

086 0666 6662

SAPS KR Charge office

021 903 3333 OR 021 900 2800

SAPS KR Sector Commander

Srg. Maria Compion

082 379 9293

SAPS KR Shift Commander

082 777 6906

SAPS KR Complaints Vehicles

082 2522 3352

SAPS KR Patrol Logon

021 900 2824

SAPS Ombudsman

Adv. Vusi Pikoli

021 483 0669

Contact details of ASCW Office Bearers as of March 2020

Chairperson                  Johan Badenhorst

082 459 1634

Vice-chairperson              Rodger Barends

083 270 6728

Treasurer                       Elizma Cockcroft

083 446 0504

Secretary                          Franz Krause

082 410 0687

Events / Admin               Elizma Cockcroft

083 446 0504

Patrol Captain                     Jo Du Toit

084 586 1418

The Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch name and entity as well as the logo, font, and the abbreviation ASCW , is the propriety ownership, including all copyrights, of the Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch.℗



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